Working on the starters’ day events? No prob! We’re in advanced in Jumpers and Gambler.

This is the 2011 edition of the fall Morningstar trial.  It was moved to a new venue, and what a place!  I’m still speechless.  I’m hoping to take more pictures in two weeks.

Our first run of the day was advanced gamblers.  My favorite moment is Jasmine’s confidence on the contact equipment.  No wasted time at the top of the A-frame or just beyond the yellow contact zone for us!  Our hard work this summer has paid off.  My handling is quite horrible, as Jasmine actually blind crosses me at one point, and I also don’t send her to the teeter the right way.  Good thing she’s so forgiving.  Note that she actually barks in excitement during our run.  A barking Jasmine is a happy Jasmine!

There is no reason why Jasmine did so badly in the advanced jumpers 1.  The judge’s reaction to her tunnel choice instead of the next jump is hilarious!  At least he understands my confusion. : )

I’m quite happy with our advanced gamblers 2 on the last day of the trial.  I didn’t do any stretches with Jasmine before the run, and this may be the reason why her weaves are so choppy.  The drive was about 1.5 hours; it was the first the first run of the day, and the arena hadn’t yet warmed up.  Sorry Jasmine!!! 

Jasmine’s run for the A-Frame instead of the tunnel means that I really have work ahead of me so she’ll  see value in it.  : )  Interestingly enough, we had a “dog walk gambler” during our last agility lesson, and we were able to put it in practice today.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet done discrimination exercises, so there was no way for Jasmine to know she was supposed to take the tire instead of the jump.  More research is required on my part to overcome this handicap…

Our best run, advanced jumpers 2, wasn’t filmed.  That’s too bad as it was our best run of the trial.  Ahhh.  I still have my memories.  : )  We received no Qs, because we were 1.68 seconds over, and we had 1 refusal.  Better luck next time!

This is Jasmine’s first trial as a veteran, which explains my reason in choosing the song for our video.

Fannie simply took in the sights, played frisbee, and just enchanted everyone.  : )


About The adventures of the piano keys

Hello there, A few years ago, I adopted a little white fluffy dog who I named Jasmine. Like any good intentioned dog owner, I registered for dog obedience classes. Little did I know how these lessons would go on to introducing me to the wonderful world of dog sports. Since then, Jasmine has participated in agility, flyball, and rally obedience events. We don’t expect to make any world team, but we love the training, competing, and most of, the chance of spending time together and having fun. In February 2011, I adopted a second dog, Fannie. This blog is a journal of our activities. Sit back, put your feet up, and I hope I can tease a smile out of you with our antics.
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4 Responses to Working on the starters’ day events? No prob! We’re in advanced in Jumpers and Gambler.

  1. Lisa says:

    Well Jasmine sure is one of the happiest dogs in the agility ring!

    I liked the song for the video. I was emotional about putting Walter in vet’s too but no regrets!

  2. Andrea says:

    LOVE the bouncing … she sure seems happy and moving actively … congrats on an obviously great weekend!!

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