Yes, that’s all I’m hearing right now.  We had a busy weekend, and the keyz are now resting. 

Saturday morning – Flyball

I hadn’t been to flyball for several months, and I was curious to see how Jasmine would perform.  She was so happy to be there.  She was practically screaming to meet her boyfriend Tucker, who rumbled when Pongo tried to join the fun.  Was Tucker jealous?  Fannie?  She barked, whined, screamed, you name it, to greet everyone.

Actual practice: Jasmine dropped the ball during three of the five full runs she completed.  The good news is she corrected herself after every faulty run.  I’m hoping to enter her in singles and pairs, with doggy buddy Pongo, in June at the U-FLI tournament.  I checked, and I’m not working.  Yay!  Some distraction training is still required, I’m sure, since Jasmine was quite flustered at the tourny last year.  A lot of that is me, but still…  I’ve asked another local team if I could join their practice at least once in the next two months.  The answer was *yes*, so I’ll have to make sure to plan my schedule accordingly.  : ) 

Fannie did well, and cleared two jumps today, with distractions.  It was quite funny to see her glance to the sidelines to check things out, but she kept her mind to the job at hand.

Saturday, late morning – Walk with doggy buddy, Lucy

We met doggy Buddy Lucy and her handler for a walk.  Our challenge was to keep Fannie out of the water, because I thought our afternoon activity required me to keep her squeaky clean.  It worked out, even though Lucy enjoyed a good splash in the water, and Fannie *almost* joined her.  It seems that Jasmine and Lucy did some bonding, perhaps remnants of their adventures at Sandbanks last year?  See post.  Jasmine was trotting behind Lucy on several occasions while Fannie goofed around.

Saturday, afternoon – Poodle grooming

After a quick-lunch, we quickly drove to a friend’s place to learn all the secrets of poodle grooming.  LH is renowned in the area for her expertise in grooming, and she was generous enough to share some of her secrets.  Fannie looked like a million bucks when we were done.  Yes, I caved in and we gave her not only a shaved face, but the ballerina shoes as well.  Oh well, it will grow out eh?  ; )  Here is what she looked like.

I have to admit, she looks very cute. 

During the groom, Jasmine was simply snoozing on the sidelines.  I may have heard a few snickers here and there, but overall, she behaved.  When LH took out the ribbons, I couldn’t resist.  : )  Isn’t she adorable? (and tired?)

Tee hee! 

International Puppy Day

There was a movement on facebook today to post pictures of our dog as puppies.  I also  included some of the dogs we had on the farm.

Yup, a border collie.  She was wonderful, and my father swears that she helped him herd the cows to the barn for the milking.

Jasmine is probably two is this picture.

Fannie, is finally here!

I love this picture of both of them…

Sunday – Club Practice

Again, I had the place totally to myself!  Joy!  I was unable to attend class on Friday, so I simply used the sequences that had been planned for that day.  Wow!  Jasmine certainly feels how relaxed I am because she did well and ran fast.  Good work Jasmine! We also practiced her contacts on the A-Frame and some sequences which included weaves.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time to work on the gambler.

Fannie was more comfortable with the tire and the tunnels today.  I left it at that.  I made myself a note to practice her startline stays.  They were sloppy today.

After practice walk

This agility facility is located on very high ground, and the weather being so dry, I decided to have our after practice walk here.  You see, I prefer to avoid mud.  Jasmine was her cool usual self, while I’m sure Fannie walked the trail twice over by running ahead of me and coming back when I called her. 

On our way back to the parking lot, a few dogs, with their owners, were starting their walk.  One of the dogs, a terv, actually went in a down when he saw us. 

Was it because he :

  1. wanted to pounce on Fannie and/or Jasmine?
  2. wanted to play with Fannie and/or Jasmine?
  3. wanted to herd Fannie and/or Jasmine?
  4. wanted to show his respect to Fannie and/or Jasmine?

We’ll never know, but all the humans present got a good laugh out of it.


About The adventures of the piano keys

Hello there, A few years ago, I adopted a little white fluffy dog who I named Jasmine. Like any good intentioned dog owner, I registered for dog obedience classes. Little did I know how these lessons would go on to introducing me to the wonderful world of dog sports. Since then, Jasmine has participated in agility, flyball, and rally obedience events. We don’t expect to make any world team, but we love the training, competing, and most of, the chance of spending time together and having fun. In February 2011, I adopted a second dog, Fannie. This blog is a journal of our activities. Sit back, put your feet up, and I hope I can tease a smile out of you with our antics.
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2 Responses to ZZzzzzzzzzz

  1. Lisa says:

    Lucy enjoyed the girls’ day out on Saturday. She’s happy to hang out with Jasmine and Fannie anytime.

    I totally noticed Fannie’s ballerina feet (is that what they’re actually called? lol) right away and was totally going to tease you about it 😉 She does look very cute though — a very ladylike little poodle princes. Hehehe.

    Jasmine with bows: ahhhh, so cute. You should make her wear them when she goes to your parents’.

    Fannie was such a tiiiiiiny little puppy! I couldn’t believe how small she was when I first met her.

  2. Ballerina feet: I have no idea. That’s what I call them. ; )

    Jasmine with bows: You should have heard their reaction when my parents saw them.

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