6 days and counting

Next Sunday, that is in 6 days, Jasmine will be doing her come-back in the rally-o ring and Fannie will be doing her début.   For the past few weeks, we’ve been practicing on and off in various places in town with a friend of mine.  Her dog, Charley, is a wonderful girl who learns so well.  Of course, her handler is very talented, and I have no doubt that they will succeed the next weekend.  Jasmine is very comfortable with Charley bear, and both of them are quite adorable trotting one behind the other when they practice.  Fannie?  I think that Charley isn’t quite ready for her yet.  ; )

For my part, Jasmine is very focused on me during practices, but the past has proven that her worst handicap is her handler.  With all the experience I’ve acquired in agility trials for the past four years, I hope I’ll won’t let her down this time.   I will be happy and relaxed, which should transfer to Jasmine. 

In Fannie’s case, my goal is to simply have fun with her.  My biggest challenge will be to maintain her focus during the run.  During practice with Charley last Monday, in a big chain pet store which will remained nameless, Fannie’s attention on me was much greater than Jasmine’s in the dog food aisle.  Sooooo.  Sunday’s trial will be very interesting…. : D


For Jasmine, distance with the A-Frame is on the menu.  I also need to proof those contacts.  Our Agility Dog of Canada title was hard-won because I blew those contacts for her, time and time again.  I must be vigilant, vigilant, vigilant.

Fannie has completed her first A-Frame this week.  I’ll have to be careful with her.  She’s so fast, that if she doesn’t see me ahead or beside her while she’s climbing or walking down, she stops, turns around, and goes back to where she thinks I am.  My heart did a somersault when she decided to do a U-turn on top of the A-Frame during practice three days ago.   This will have to be corrected, no doubt about that.

She’s still working on the dog-walk, and teeter.  Who made those teeter so evil anyways????  ; )


About The adventures of the piano keys

Hello there, A few years ago, I adopted a little white fluffy dog who I named Jasmine. Like any good intentioned dog owner, I registered for dog obedience classes. Little did I know how these lessons would go on to introducing me to the wonderful world of dog sports. Since then, Jasmine has participated in agility, flyball, and rally obedience events. We don’t expect to make any world team, but we love the training, competing, and most of, the chance of spending time together and having fun. In February 2011, I adopted a second dog, Fannie. This blog is a journal of our activities. Sit back, put your feet up, and I hope I can tease a smile out of you with our antics.
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5 Responses to 6 days and counting

  1. Andrea says:

    you’ll do great!
    and fun is the name of my game too – can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Thanks! I like to think I’ve calmed down now… : )

  3. I get butterflies still sometimes too. And when I least expect them, like when Beckett had Janet Lundy as a judge in Starters, I was really nervous. I try to tell myself it’s all for fun and the only goals are my own, works sometimes but not always. Have fun!!!

  4. Lisa says:

    Will be very interesting to see the differences between them, and yes, FUN! 😀

  5. Helen? Butterflies? You hide it well my friend!

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