A rally-o comeback and a debut

(This post was actually written last Sunday, but it took me all week to actually click on the “Publish” button.)

I often think I put too much on my plate.  On the Saturday, we participated at a fun match, and then it was a rally-o trial on the Sunday.  We had fun, but as I’m writing this, I feel the calling of a good nap!

Jasmine rallying on

The last time Jasmine competed in a rally-o trial was in 2008.  Back then, I had decided that she didn’t have enough focus and I didn’t have the patience to work on that.  I also had my hands full working on agility with her, and that was enough for me.  Now, four years later, the situation has changed, Jasmine is much better, and I’m less of a nervous wreck during competitions.

Our first run was, well, eventful.  I completely missed the second station (here’s an NQ right there), tight leashes during the figure 8, and get this, her complete ignorance of the “sit-down-walk around” exercice.  Hmmm.  Jasmine didn’t wan’t to go in a down?  She sniffed a wee bit, but nothing I’m not used to.

Her second run was absolutely delightful!  Her focus was great.  All the stations she had trouble with in the best were excellent.  She pulled through the 1,2,3  steps forward.  What could go wrong you ask?  The DOWN!  Really!  I mean really!  The down?  She’s been doing that trick since she’s been a puppy!  Well, listen to this.  After the run, I ask Jasmine to go in a down, to show my friends how well she can do this in a normal situation.  My buddy LR, in her thoughtful way, said, “Lyne, try to bring her in a down when she’s in a heel position”.  Well. Whadaya know?  She couldn’t do it.  Ha!   Now we know what we’ll be practicing on for the next few months.

Here’s the video of Jasmine’s near flawless performance. We would have Qed if not for the “Sit-Down-Walk Around” issue.  ; )

The highlights of our day, Jasmine style:

  • Jasmine’s “Sit-Stand” station in the second run (as seen on the video).  She sits, stands, and keeps on walking as if she has a job to do and she’s busy-busy-busy. : )
  • Her lack of skipping.  All of her previous runs in the past was punctuated by her little trademark skip, which was a sure sign of stress.
  • Her perky tail (she’s happy).
  • During the “Call-front forward-right” station, Jasmine almost starts to go in a sit (her bum starts to go in a sit motion) but I quickly start to walk away.  Whew!  That was a close call.
  • We pulled off the “Halt-Side step-Halt” exercice even though it’s changed since we last competed.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was acceptable.
  • Jasmine doesn’t go in a stand when I reward her at the appropriate stations.

Fannie’s debut

Fannie’s little performance at this trial was merely an opportunity to get her used to the vibes of a trial environment.  To my pleasant surprise, she wasn’t even bothered by it.  Her stations are “in the works”, but her focus is awesome.  I never had this kind focus from Jasmine in the past.

Here’s the video of Fannie’s second run.

All in all, the whole competition was great.  It convinced me to continue practicing rally with Jasmine, and I learned that Fannie can do this. 

What might not be repeated

I felt brave and entered Jasmine and Fannie in the same run.  I’ll never do that again.  It’s a pain to keep track of which dog is next, and I find that I don’t have enough time between runs to relax.  Soooo…..  I’ll try to avoid this situation in the future.  ; )


About The adventures of the piano keys

Hello there, A few years ago, I adopted a little white fluffy dog who I named Jasmine. Like any good intentioned dog owner, I registered for dog obedience classes. Little did I know how these lessons would go on to introducing me to the wonderful world of dog sports. Since then, Jasmine has participated in agility, flyball, and rally obedience events. We don’t expect to make any world team, but we love the training, competing, and most of, the chance of spending time together and having fun. In February 2011, I adopted a second dog, Fannie. This blog is a journal of our activities. Sit back, put your feet up, and I hope I can tease a smile out of you with our antics.
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3 Responses to A rally-o comeback and a debut

  1. Can’t wait to Fannie in the agility ring, then we’ll see if she has focus…. evil grin.

  2. Lisa says:

    Like you said — a happy dog, what more could we ask for. Congrats on your rally re-debut!

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