About me and my dogs

A few years ago, I adopted a little white fluffy dog who I named Jasmine.  Like any good intentioned dog owner, I registered for dog obedience classes.   Little did I know how these lessons would go on to introducing me to the wonderful world of dog sports.  Since then, Jasmine has participated in agility, flyball, and rally obedience events.  We don’t expect to make any world team, but we love the training, competing, and most of, the chance of spending time together and having fun.  In February 2011, I adopted a second dog, Fannie.  This blog is a journal of our activities.  Sit back, put your feet up, and I hope I can tease a smile out of you with our antics.


One Response to About me and my dogs

  1. Hey Lyne, I am moving my blog over here. My new blog is “pongoandkrypto.worldpress.com”

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