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3H Days (Hot, Hazy, and Humid)

One of the risks of running a dog in agility is Mother Nature’s wraths. She may decide to throw those hot, hazy, and humid days at important events .  I personally call them “The 3H Days”.  Despite our cold and … Continue reading

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Much, much more than just a fun match

A friend of mine contacted me at the beginning of the week, letting me know that there was a fun match in Orléans today.  I hadn’t planned on attending, but since I had to cancel last week’s fun match, I … Continue reading

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Same old, same old

I haven’t posted in a while, but there hasn’t been much going on.  No trials, no therapy dog visits, no fun matches, a few agility and rally-o practices, but nothing special. Therapy Work – Handstand and skateboard Both dogs have … Continue reading

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Darn it Jasmine! You’re an agility dog, not a ballet dancer

As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I’ve decided to give Jasmine a break this June.  No trials for a month, and only short sequences during practice.  Nothing too long, too boring, or too stressful. The Agility Connection (TAC) / … Continue reading

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6 days and counting

Next Sunday, that is in 6 days, Jasmine will be doing her come-back in the rally-o ring and Fannie will be doing her début.   For the past few weeks, we’ve been practicing on and off in various places in town with a friend of mine.  … Continue reading

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Jasmine + ST = Q = ACD

To say that I haven’t waited for this day for a long, long time would be a lie.  Let’s start from the very beginning, shall we? The weather didn’t look good Jasmine’s weakness is very cold weather mixed with rain.  This probably puts stress … Continue reading

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Jasmine + MJ = Q

Go figure….  The little white fluffy dog doesn’t have her ADC (Agility Dog of Canada) title, but she qualifies in Masters Jumpers.  Funny doggie. Steeplechase We attempted the steeplechase, the advanced gamblers, and the masters jumpers.  As you can see … Continue reading

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