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Fun at the K9 Kup

What a great day!  I finally decided to enter Fannie in K9 Kup this year, and we were lucky enough to have found a spot.  I didn’t post anything about the first event, which was held during a deluge of … Continue reading

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Dogwalk and Distance Work

It was Jasmine’s turn to an agility lesson this evening, and our first in the outside rings at Guides canins.  Distance work I really liked our distance work exercise.  We practiced our flips as well as creating a curved path … Continue reading

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6 days and counting

Next Sunday, that is in 6 days, Jasmine will be doing her come-back in the rally-o ring and Fannie will be doing her début.   For the past few weeks, we’ve been practicing on and off in various places in town with a friend of mine.  … Continue reading

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April Trials

This is so exciting.  This is my first year when I can actually register Jasmine in agility trials and be confident that she’s as ready as she’ll ever be.  This weekend was no exception, and we found ourselves at Dreamfields … Continue reading

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Put on the brakes!

Our new furnace Finally, the new furnace is in!  Fannie was so excited to have visitors, that she kept the workers company during the two days it took them to install the new equipment.  Up and down the stairs she … Continue reading

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What the heck…

We attended the Guides canins trial this weekend hoping to improve our performance in the Standard starters event.  We had registered in 3 events, one after the other.  This was done at the very last-minute as I’m already registered for the ADSC trial next week but … Continue reading

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