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3H Days (Hot, Hazy, and Humid)

One of the risks of running a dog in agility is Mother Nature’s wraths. She may decide to throw those hot, hazy, and humid days at important events .  I personally call them “The 3H Days”.  Despite our cold and … Continue reading

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I won’t make any comments like “I’m back to blogging” or “Long time no blog”.  I’ll jinx myself if I do, and won’t be back for another year.  No, I’ll go directly to what I want to talk about.  How … Continue reading

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Fun at the K9 Kup

What a great day!  I finally decided to enter Fannie in K9 Kup this year, and we were lucky enough to have found a spot.  I didn’t post anything about the first event, which was held during a deluge of … Continue reading

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Sandy encounters

For the past few months, we’ve been training at a friend’s field about 10 minutes from here.  The footing is grass, of course, but now Winter is on the horizon, and our last fun match at Red Gate has been … Continue reading

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Darn it Jasmine! You’re an agility dog, not a ballet dancer

As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I’ve decided to give Jasmine a break this June.  No trials for a month, and only short sequences during practice.  Nothing too long, too boring, or too stressful. The Agility Connection (TAC) / … Continue reading

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Jasmine + AJ = Q!

Back to the fantastic venue in Gananoque.  We entered in Advanced Gambler, Steeplechase and Advanced Jumpers.  The outcome of this day is Jasmine improved considerably since our last trial.  Advanced Gambler I should stop underestimating my WFD.  I was so sure that … Continue reading

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