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Sandy encounters

For the past few months, we’ve been training at a friend’s field about 10 minutes from here.  The footing is grass, of course, but now Winter is on the horizon, and our last fun match at Red Gate has been … Continue reading

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Snooker again

After a very foggy drive and a wake-up call at 4:30 am , we found ourselves at Dreamfields today,  The good news is I arrived there even before the events started, so it was a nice change from my usual … Continue reading

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Yes, that’s all I’m hearing right now.  We had a busy weekend, and the keyz are now resting.  Saturday morning – Flyball I hadn’t been to flyball for several months, and I was curious to see how Jasmine would perform.  … Continue reading

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The speed demon is back!

We went back to Guides canins today, and tried the same exercises as Friday.  Jasmine, the fast little dog, is back!  No hesitation, and no sniffing around.  Conclusion?  My stress during class is rubbing off big time.  Sigh. Her weaves were great today, but I’m … Continue reading

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Looking ahead to the new year, 2012

A new year, a new beginning, a fresh start.  2011 was a very good year for Jasmine.  She’s now part of the Masters Jumpers and Advanced Gamblers families.  She became an honest to goodness therapy dog with the St. John Ambulance … Continue reading

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Working on the starters’ day events? No prob! We’re in advanced in Jumpers and Gambler.

This is the 2011 edition of the fall Morningstar trial.  It was moved to a new venue, and what a place!  I’m still speechless.  I’m hoping to take more pictures in two weeks. Our first run of the day was … Continue reading

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A fun match of firsts

After two trials in less than 4 weeks, it was time for Jasmine to have a fun match.  No pressure, no max time, no refusals, just fun.   Today’s match was being held at a great facility, with great people, and great atmosphere.  … Continue reading

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